Mystical and magical !This Indian Quilt is made in the softest of cotton. The design is so dramatic. It would make a wonderful highlight in a modern or minimilistic setting. On one side is a striking paisley design in charcoal grey which has been applied with block printing. The reverse is much lighter in effect with a beautiful leaf design. Both sides can be used as you wish giving you a choice.

  • These Quilts are a masterpiece of craftsmanship. They are made of the softest cotton fabric and filled with 100% Cotton wadding. This is all stitched together by hand. The cotton fabric is block printed by hand. The intricate blocks for the printing are carved by master craftsmen. The printing process then begins with the stamping of the outline. This is followed by several rounds of colour printing. It is clear that the more complex the pattern the more difficult it is to execute. Whole communities are involved in this process.

If you like to be surrounded with beautiful things made by hand with love and care, these quilts are worthy of your attention.

Finally they are so comfy to the touch and perfect with just a sheet in summer. But their use doesn't have to be confined to the bedroom. They could be used in many places: conservatory, patio, garden, chilly evenings with a movie and a glass of wine. The choice is yours to enjoy.

Available in 3 sizes

Machine Washable at a low temperature.   (30c)

Also available in Pink!