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This is the time of the year when my Nighties start travelling! And I am delighted to say it is the Grannies on the move. A Granny myself, I supply many Grannies and I think we are a heroic bunch, packing up cases, negotiating Heathrow and off, off and away into the Sun. As I write this it is dark and cold and I cant pretend that I am not a trifle envious!

Millie and Clementine (girls' nighties) are off to Australia, Dubai, West Africa and South Africa. Peachy Pyjamas are going East in large numbers. Smocked Nightie is going to San Diego until March. (That's the life !!) My Nighties are like a very large family, I have been working with some of them for 25 years. New ones come and go according to their popularity. A new one is "Smocked Nightie".

Smocked Nightie has been the success of 2015. It is charming, pretty and cool but also available in 3 sizes which means it has been popular with Teenagers, Mums and Grannies! The men also like it - a bonus... It is mid calf length and not too full in the skirt. It comes with pink or white rosebuds. Available in Small, Med or Large.