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A Happy New Year to All Our Customers!

We thank you very much for shopping with us before Christmas and hope that the gifts you bought from us were well received and gave much pleasure.

In these dark and rainy days of January, the bright lights of Christmas seem so far away as we look ahead to whatever 2016 will bring.

I have made a resolution this year. It is to "look after what I already have". My mother used to rebuke me with this advice when I expressed a want or need for something new. How I hated that response from her in those days!

Now however it resonates so well as we view a war-torn world around us where want and need for those afflicted people refers to the very basic of food and shelter.

One of my best presents this year came from a friend in my village. She made the Star from a hazel twig, and the Dove of Peace from a discarded Coke Can.

I gave her a lace lantern made from things lying around. The Lace came from an old pillow-case, and a jam jar and a nightlight completed it.