Our bed linen is totally natural 100% Cotton.

You spend 2/3rds of your life in bed so surround yourself with the best quality fabric possible. Sleeping in natural,100% cotton will improve the quality of your sleep.

What is so good about cotton?

  • Primarily the healthy option.
  • You will sleep better in cotton sheets   

Why is cotton a healthy option?

  • Cotton is a natural fibre which is essential for maintaining a good circulation of air.It responds to the temperature of your body being, warm in winter and cool in summer.In really hot weather it will keep you cool. Finally it is super healthy in terms of the spread of infection,because it can be given a wash at very high temperatures,thus killing off any germs. We recommend 60C or even higher!

Why will I sleep better in cotton sheets?

  • Your body will stay at a constant temperature as cotton enables a good circulation of air around your body. Overheating is one of the main causes of sleeplessness  (Man made fibres cause overheating). 

Are they hard work to maintain?   

  • The best thing is that you can wash cotton at a high temperature which in hot weather is a hygienic option.,     
  • Having all white bed linen means you can mix and match all your linen..
  • White is calm,cool and soothing.
  • To help with the ironing, use a steam iron or a spray.