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Summer, how was it for you? Hopefully it was good holidays, lots of fun and family times with some relaxing thrown into the mix. When you are a granny as I am, you have to grab the relaxing when you can, otherwise you can’t keep up! I hope you all feel ready to face the Autumn and Winter.

The weather threw some shocks at us. Glorious sunshine and rain like stair rods. When we are blessed with sun at the shows, the nighties shine out in their fresh white splendour promising nights of cool comfort! They attract the ladies, the stock drawers empty, the visa machine is busy, and I am very smiley!

Not always though! As at beautiful Buckham, in Dorset, a most scenic spot normally, rain filled the air and the cotton nighties hung limply, mopping up the moisture. Water seemed to come from all angles, down from the sky, up through the soaked ground and even horizontally into your face. Mud was everywhere. There were many opportunities for disasters. Packing up was a logistical nightmare. Don’t drop anything! And finally getting the van and driving over the mud without getting stuck and being a pain to everyone.

The camaraderie on the show ground is wonderful. Suddenly we are all bound together by our endeavours to survive the unfriendly elements. We manage to load up without disaster and then into the driving seat of the van and I face the final trial. Which way will I turn the wheel as I face the sea of mud. Panic!

Then suddenly someone spreads a bale of hay in my path and someone else yells “This way! Others yell “Get your revs up” “No not too much “Change gear!” Go Go Go ! and then I am on the tarmac of the road. Phiew! And off we go, making for the motorway. Meanwhile those kind people are now helping the next one.

I am very happy to be part of the show scene.

Apart from the nighties which really had a good innings this year there was another item which seemed to charm folk and that was a little white smocked dress. (available in size from birth to 5 years.) It was such a pleasure to sell as there always seemed to be an interesting story behind each transaction. One mum had been searching forever for something for her daughter to wear for her christening. One bride to be was having little flower girls with rosebuds, another baby was very precious as she was so long awaited.

So I think this will be my happiest memory of Summer 2017 and to remind me of it, I asked Laura Jenkinson to take some photos. Above are Bess and Sophie wearing the “Little White Smocked Dress”. Don’t they look adorable. Wonderful Reflections of Summer.

PS The Little White Smocked Dress would make great gifts for little children living in Australia or any where it is hot!