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 How to drift off to the land of nod!

A good night's sleep is key to a nice day.


Because lack of sleep is associated with irratibility, unproductivity, reliance on caffeine  and of course daytime sleepiness.  Long term issues such as diabetes, heart conditions, and obesity are now being attributed to poor sleep patterns. 

If you cant get to sleep it is awful.

Stressing about not sleeping makes it worse

What to do? As a seller of white bed linen, I am obviously going to promote a cool bed dressed with smooth white linen, sweetly smelling of lavender etc etc.

However if this doesn't work, then what?

I truly believe that, more or less, you can drive away sleeplessness. But to do this changes have to be made. If you carry on doing the same thing you will get the same result they say. Simply put, you have to train your mind to shut down at the end of the day. When you have chosen your lifestyle adjustments you need to repeat them regularly. Success doesn't come immediately. So in come patience!

Repetition, habit, patience                                                                                         

Top Tips 

  • Create a calm environment in the bedroom
  • White pure cotton sheets and a good pillow (Of course!)
  • Eat a good 2-3 hours before you go to bed.
  • Make a conscious effort to de-stress after your meal and before bed. 
  • Recognise that existing problems are just challenges and can be dealt with tomorrow.
  • Put your working brain away in the 2 hours before bed. Scary!.
  • Maybe do a jigsaw or read a book to de-stress
  • If sleep still evades you, get up and make a hot drink. Do more of the jig-saw!
  • Don't lie in bed worrying that you are not asleep.  Get up !.
  • Persevere with this pattern and you will train yourself that in this bed is where sleep will come.
  • A good trick is to tell yourself that for example you're only allowed to sleep between midnight and 6 am. You must get up at 6 am even if you have only had 2 hours sleep. Strangely the subconscious often plays ball with this little game!

These are suggestions to help achieve a good night of restorative slumber. The rewards are great. 

But be kind to yourself, you are retraining yourself. It wont be easy, life gets in the way. 

Good Luck!   

    Sweet Dreams!